Step Up: All in – Dance till the Last Beat

4 years ago by Chris

In the new “Step Up – All In”, stars from the previous “Step Up” installments come together in Las Vegas and battle for a victory that could perhaps define their careers and dreams. The movie has surely proven to be worth the wait and aims to teach its fans an important lesson, which is never to give up and pursue your dreams no matter what.

The Mob, led by Sean, makes their way to Los Angeles, but because of the bad luck there, they travel back to Miami. Sean refuses to go back and stays on in Las Vegas. He discovers a dance contest where the winner is to be awarded a three-year contract. Sean gets in touch with his old pal, Moose, and starts to put together a crew to enter the competition and have a chance of winning it.

This is where Moose introduces Sean to Andie, the lead actress in Step Up 2: The Streets. Andie’s story is that she is a great dancer but had to give up because of injury. But with Sean’s motivation, she gets her desire for dancing back. The other obstacle in Sean’s way is the Mob, his own crew, who he learns will be up against him in the competition.

The epic dance sequences begin. From breakdance, to freestyle to robotic movements, all dancers do their best and excite the crowd. Each dance is represented with a unique costume and has a different emotion and story. Sean’s crew comprises of all the previous members of the Step Up family, who work hard to win. The dance of Moose, the most talented dancer of all, rocks the stage as usual.

The heart-thumping soundtrack and outstanding choreography present an enjoyable light flick that will surely get you off your feet to dance the night off. So, if you are a fan of dance and “Step Up” prepare for a wild journey.

Photo credit: Step Up All In poster

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