Sin City – a Dame to Kill for: More of the Same or Something New?

4 years ago by Chris

The original Sin City stormed into theatres leaving a lasting impression on comic book fans and audiences alike. Sin City – A Dame to Kill For carries forward Frank Miller’s world of noir pulp adventures. The film will hit the theatres on 22nd August. It is expected to outdo its prequel as many people are looking forward to reliving the experience they got from the first movie.

The movie is based on interrelated episodes taken from the original comics written by Frank Miller. Marv (Mickey Rourke) is back in action and keeps a constant eye on exotic dancer Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba). However, she is haunted by Hartigan (Bruce Willis) who gave his life to protect her. She feels no remorse for the man responsible for her loss, which leads to her crusade against Senator Roark (Powers Boothe).

Meanwhile, a hotshot gambler, Johnny (Joseph Gordon Levitt) pushes his way into Senator Roark’s poker game. He wipes out the old man with dancer Goldie (Jaime King) as a lucky charm. But his arrogance and stupidity leads him to challenge Roark on his own turf, making way for the violence that ensues.

The main storyline focuses on Ava (Eva Green) who is seductive and fatal. Since no man can resist her, Dwight (Josh Brolin) being her former lover is unable to refuse her request when he is summoned to Kadie’s. Each story arc is connected, leading to the final showdown with the vile senator Roark. However, the story proves to be monotonous, where the whole premise of the story is based upon capturing a retro look.

The directors, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are unable to recreate the magic of the original. Moreover, the fight scenes feel out of place and sloppy. The movie lacks the powerful image of its prequel. The movie feels more of an obligation and fails to provide the kick that the prequel offered. In short, it is nothing more than a repetitive, lazy do-over.

Photo: Sin City: A Dame to Kill for movie poster

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