5 Best Robin Williams Movies

4 years ago by Chris

It hasn’t been long since the world lost a true comedy great, Robin Williams. The genial actor has millions of fans across the globe but some of them might not have seen some of his best work in small movies. Here is a list of the 5 best Robin Williams movies:

  1. One Hour Photo
    This 2002 release features Robin Williams playing a stalker. He portrays a man working in a one-hour photo booth who becomes obsessed with a young family after viewing their pictures. The movie shows Williams at his psychotic best, a tag not many movies have.
  2. Insomnia
    Insomnia also came out in 2002 and was ace director Christopher Nolan’s first major movie. In the film, Williams again plays a dark, brooding psychotic role, playing opposite Al Pacino. Though Williams only has a few minutes of screen time, his presence can be felt throughout, even in scenes he is not on screen in.
  3. World’s Greatest Dad
    This 2009 release might be a bit difficult to watch given the circumstances of Williams’ death. In the movie, his onscreen son dies of asphyxiation in a sexual accident. Williams’ character, Lance, covers up the death by writing a suicide note which unexpectedly leads to an overwhelming response from his son’s schoolmates and teachers, the very school where Lance is a teacher.
  4. Awakenings
    Featuring Robert De Niro, this 1990 release saw Williams play a doctor who brings a man out of catatonia, played by De Niro. The movie then follows the two as the doctor tries to reintegrate the patient back into society.
  5. Good Will Hunting
    The film that won him an Oscar, Good Will Hunting is one of Williams’ best and most popular movies and if you haven’t seen it, it is a must watch. In the film, Williams takes on the supporting role of a psychiatrist trying to make the titular character, played by Matt Damon, realize his true potential.
    These are 5 of the best Robin Williams’ movies you should watch.

Photo courtesy of Robin William’s Instagram

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