The Drop: a Competent Character Driven Crime Drama

4 years ago by Chris

The Drop has everything going in its favor. The director is an Oscar nominee, the writer is a distinguished author adapting his short story and the cast is solid. Thankfully, the film delivers on all accounts. The film is helmed by Belgian Michael R. Roskam, whose previous feature Bullhead brought him rave reviews and considerable public attention. For his English-language debut, Roskam has chosen a stellar cast, let by the always reliable Tom Hardy, and also featuring Noomi Rapace, the late James Gandolfini and Matthias Schoenaerts.

Tom Hardy plays Bob Saginowski who becomes the center of attention in a crime gone wrong and the subsequent investigation. The investigation encapsulates the entire neighborhood which has been working together to make a better life for everyone living there. The tension is unrelenting as the film reaches its surprising conclusion.

The film is based on Dennis Lehane’s short story of the same name. Lehane has previously written the screenplays for Shutter Island and Gone Baby Gone while his book was the basis for Mystic River. Lehane shows all the skill and dexterity of a master author, setting the pace while giving his characters plenty to do. The film is fast-paced but the plot unravels slowly, ensuring that it grips your attention throughout. At 105 minutes, the film has a perfect length and the climax is spellbinding.

Hardy leads the strong cast with a power-packed performance, showcasing his range and proving himself to be one of the finest big-name actors working today. Rapace is also solid and her performance towards the end of the film is some of her best work to date. Gandolfini, as always, is reliably solid and his performance once again shows what a fine talent Hollywood has lost.

The Drop is rated R for language and violence. If you are looking for a solid character driven drama, this is the film you should definitely give a go.

Photo courtesy: The Drop movie

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