Lucy – the Ultimate Science Fiction Movie

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Starring Scarlett Johansson, Lucy is an American-French science fiction movie, which is edited, written, and directed by Luc Besson, and produced by EuropaCorp. This movie was filmed in the New York City, Paris and Taipei. The movie portrays the life of a woman who after consuming a nootropic drug gains psychokinetic abilities.

The introduction of the movie is rather impressive and it starts with Lucy being forced and tricked by her boyfriend to start working as a drug mule. This is just the start as what happens next will blow your mind! Lucy is ordered to deliver a briefcase that contains an expensive and valuable synthetic drug known as the CPH4.

Soon after completing the delivery, her boyfriend is killed. This is where the interesting part begins and Lucy is taken into captivity along with three other drug mules and a bag which contains the synthetic drug is then sewn into her abdomen. Her job is to transport the drug for sales in Europe, but while she is held in captivity, she is kicked in the stomach by one of her captors.

The kick breaks the bag, releasing a large amount of the synthetic drug into her system. At first, she feels weird, but soon as time passes she starts acquiring increased mental and physical capabilities, such as telekinesis and telepathy. Yes, telepathy! This may sound weird to a few people, but the storyline doesn’t fail to grab the attention of the audience.

In addition, Lucy is also able to choose not to feel pain and other discomforts. Therefore, she tries to save her life and kills her captor and escapes. This is where her quest begins as she begins to discover the drug can have extreme side effects and she must stop it from reaching Europe. Soon, she is injected with all three of the remaining bags to contain the drug, but this only allows her to reach her 100% cerebral capacity.

This amazing storyline is rather unique, and has become a huge box office success, which has grossed over $394 million, just against a budget of $40 million. Therefore, if you are looking for an exceptional sci-fi movie to watch, then Lucy is definitely worth considering.

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