No Good Deed – Don’t Trust a Killer

4 years ago by Chris

Starring Idris Elba, No Good Deed is an American thriller film, written by Aimee lagos and directed by Sam Miller. The movie starts with Colin Evans (Idris Elba) who after serving five years in prison for manslaughter is denied parole.

However, this is where the interesting part begins, Colin escapes on his return to prison shooting the driver and a guard in the process. And then goes to Atlanta, where he stalks his fiance named Alexis. Colin is enraged she has been cheating on him, confronts her with evidence showing she was unfaithful to him. Alexis admits she was sleeping with another man and this is where he violently murders her.

Colin then runs away and in shock of what he has done crashes his van in a storm. He walks to his friend’s home Terri, asking for help in getting a tow truck. She immediately invites him in and starts tending to a wound on his forehead while he charms her baby Ryan. Colin tells her about his fiancé she was cheating on him while Meg enters with a bottle of wine.

Colin takes an advantage of a smoke break and kills Meg. This is where Terri gets suspicious, as he informs that Meg left although her umbrella was still in the house. She attempts to hit him with a fire extinguisher and tries leaving with her child, but Colin recovers in a little while and stops Terri from leaving. Terri and her children are forced to enter a car with him, where she soon notices the body of Meg. Terri succeeds in alerting a police officer, but Colin kills the officer too.
The movie suffers from a poor storyline and fails to entertain the audience. Many people consider the movie to be a waste of time and not worth watching. However, if you are looking for a movie to kill the time, No Good Deed is not a bad option.

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