Dolphin Tale 2 – a Splash of Emotion

4 years ago by Chris

The astonishing true story of Winter was portrayed in Dolphin Tale and now America’s favorite dolphin is returning to the screens once again in the sequel Dolphin Tale 2. Directed by Charles Martin Smith, the story takes you three years after the original film.

Sawyer (Nathan Gamble has grown into a teenager and still as fond of Winter. He is responsible for the volunteers working at the marina. Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff) is Clay’s daughter and works with Sawyer. Kris Kristofferson reprises his role as Clay’s father, Ashley Judd plays Sawyer’s mother, and Morgan Freeman is seen as the innovative designer of prosthetic limbs.

The success story of Winter makes the Clearwater Marine Aquarium profitable and famous. Since she attracts big bucks, soon financial decisions begin to take priority over the well-being and health of the marina animals. Winter faces trouble again when her companion dolphin dies. As required by law, dolphins cannot be housed alone. As a result, Dr. Clay receives a notice of violation.

Winter’s future is in jeopardy because if a replacement is not found, she could be moved to another facility in Texas. However, soon enough, they find a companion in the form of an injured baby dolphin. How Winter reacts to her new companions and whether she accepts here is the crux of the story from there on.

For an extensive plot, Smith guides the story quite smoothly and simply. Dolphin Tale 2 not only works because of the heightened emotions it provides throughout the movie, but also due to the daily rhythm of the marina it immerses the viewers in, as it shows almost every nut and bolt of how things work there, whether its inducting a new dolphin into a tank or releasing them when they are fully recovered.

Dolphin Tale 2 is a fresh splash of emotion. With a beautiful story and amazingly shot voyage, the targeted audience is sure to get exactly what they want.

Photo courtesy: Dolphin Tale 2

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