Ouija Movie – Bringing the Classic Board Game to Life

4 years ago by Chris

It is quite obvious from the title that the premise of Ouija is based on the board game of the same name. Ouija is a horror movie, though it is more silly than scary, but you can’t expect anything different when the producer is one Mr. Michael Bay. Fresh from the success of his Transformers movie, Mr. Bay seeks to capitalize on yet another popular game to mint dollars. If he puts as much effort into the scripting of his movies as he does in ways to make money of them the results would be considerably better.

Coming to the plot, if you can call it one, the film revolves around Laine, played by Olivia Cooke. Traumatized by the passing away of Debbie, her best friend, Laine is intrigued and starts looking for answers to her death. It is during this time that she comes across an Ouija board, when going through Debbie’s stuff. Surprise, surprise, she decides to ‘talk’ to Debbie using the Ouija board, and she convinces a few of her dumb buddies and family (you have to be dumb and “good-looking” to be in a Michael Bay movie these days) to join her on this adventure.

So, the rest of the movie is how the Ouija board goes haywire and the cast do little except trying to look scared (they would have if any of them could act). Anyways, the film seems long, even if it is shorter than 90% of the film’s released this year. This is simply because it is a drag and there are no interesting points. The cast lacks chemistry and none of them have any charm whatsoever.

Even the director, Stiles White, seemed to have given up halfway through as he appears to be focused more on creating an eerie atmosphere than making sure the plot reaches a satisfying conclusion. The movie is a yawn fest. Only watch it if you are the last person on earth and have watched all other movies (except other Michael Bay masterpieces, of course).

Photo courtesy: OuijaMovie Instagram

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