Foxcatcher: a Must-Watch Thriller

4 years ago by Chris

Steve Carell will be visible in a completely different role. You might be used to seeing him as a person who makes you laugh but this is not the case in Foxcatcher.

You will have to give credit to the actor on how brilliantly he pulled off a role that is the polar opposite of everything you have seen him do so far in his distinguished career. From the director of Moneyball, Foxcatcher also places major emphasis on sports but what sets Foxcatcher apart from Moneyball is the nail-bitingly thrilling plot and brilliant performances.

The film is based on the true story of 3 men who are looking to achieve the same goal but interpret things differently. The storyline is little bit different from the usual sports oriented films. Mark Schultz, a former Olympic wrestling champion lacks what his brothers have. His brother David, also a brilliant athlete and has made the country proud by victories but that is not what disturbs Mark. David has a complete family with wife and kids and Mark is desperate to have it as well. His meeting with John du Pont (Steve Careell) increases his hope of getting what he needs.

John belongs to a rich family but also wants to make his country proud. He trained a team of wrestlers to take part in 1988 Olympic Games and represent their country. He selects Mark as the leader of the team Foxcatcher. Mark was left to decide whether to go for a stranger who made him the leader or be on the side of his brother who has taken the limelight away from him.

John tries to manipulate Mark through David and take advantage of the strained relationship between the brothers. The impact of the divorce between the parents of Mark and Dave are visible in the character of Mark and he feel quite low on self-esteem and David understands that quite well.

Brilliant cinematography breathes new life into the movie and added to its visual appeal. Carell steals the show but it would be criminal to not mention the fine performances from Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum, who play the Schultz brothers to perfection. Directed by Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher is a strong candidate for a couple of Oscars, at the very least.

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