Taken 3: Why Bryan Mills, Why?

4 years ago by Chris

Everyone, at some point, wished they had a father like Bryan Mills after watching Taken in 2008. The action thriller was an iconic movie and the fact that it earned around $226 million on a relatively small budget is testament to the fact how much it was loved by the movie goers.

Living in a world of sequels, the likes of Toy Story 3 and Before Midnight gave us hope that sequels can be better than the original. However, Taken 3 is nowhere near as good as the original and seems more like an attempt to capitalize on the prequels’ fame. The sequel to the original, Taken 2, did manage to earn more than the original but lacked the charisma of the first movie.
Taken 3 follows Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, as he is wrongly accused for the murder of his ex-wife. He has to unleash his particular set of skills as he goes on the lookout for the real murderers and exonerate himself. He goes into hiding as he eludes the police while new characters are on his tail to finish him as well.

The original movie’s charm of Bryan calling the kidnappers and threatening them of their imminent doom, and later doing just that, was as cool as the movie was, but the third installment fails to capture that appeal. It takes on an almost senseless sequence of flying punches and nonsensical action sequences. The movie feels rushed most of the time owing to the weak writing of the action sequences for which the most audiences turn up for in the Taken franchise.

Directed by Olivier Megaton, who fails to live up to his seemingly badass name, Taken 3 is nowhere close to being a worthy sequel to the original. The inclusion of Forest Whitaker as Inspector Frank Dotzler adds some allure to the cast, but wasn’t enough to save the movie. With an incredibly predictable plot and feeble filmmaking, you would be better off watching the first movie over again.

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