American Sniper: Six Oscar Nominations

4 years ago by Chris

American Sniper, the autobiography of Chris Kyle, one of America’s most deadly snipers, is brought to the big screen as the Oscar season hits its stride. Behind the director’s reign is the icon of action movies, Clint Eastwood, who swerves the biopic towards being a contender for the big award.

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, bulking up for the role and leaving behind his usual charming charisma to become the protector of his country and family. He is hardly recognizable in the role as Chris Kyle. Nevertheless, he portrays the force Kyle was in the Army pretty fairly, only slipping slightly in the dialogue delivery in the early scenes. Otherwise, Eastwood manages to establish Cooper as the person who cannot stand any wrongdoing.

Eastwood’s previous adventures in Hereafter, Invictus, and J. Edgar were bitter disappointments. With American Sniper, he plunges into the Oscar race to overcome his recent failures and does justice to the American Seal’s story and his legend in the war. He manages to portray the effects of war on an individual and how it affects his personal life and the immediate family. Kyle’s portrayal of the restless war hero, who makes his brothers’ feel safer in war, knowing he watches over them, is astute and makes us feel the magnetic pull of the war on him.

Clint is probably at his best with American Sniper and doesn’t hold back from visualizing the dreadfulness of the war. It has been ‘impeccably crafted, as the Los Angeles Times puts it, and The New Yorker praises Eastwood’s direction as making others “look like beginners”. Given the number of Oscar contenders doing the rounds, Eastwood has managed to make this movie notice worthy and giving other movies a run for their award without even being released internationally.

The movie is definitely worth a watch with a moving performance from Bradley Cooper, showing the world what these men go through as we sit back home while they protect our interests. It’s a brutally honest movie with amazing acting to seal the deal.

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