Jupiter Ascending: Wachowskis Descending

4 years ago by Chris

Enjoy a good family time this February, as Warner Bros Studios offer you an exciting tale of fantasy, action, adventure and sci-fi with its latest movie “Jupiter Ascending”. The movie will make you wonder about the space and beyond. It will awe inspire you with its breath taking special effects and brilliant acting performances. Directed by the “Wachowskis”, the movie will take you to a futuristic setting that is the product of the most creative minds that Hollywood has to offer.

The Cast
The movie’s lead cast includes Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones, an ordinary girl who dreams big, Channing Tatum as Caine, a genetically engineered hunter who is bound to protect Jupiter, and Eddie Redmayne as Balem, an alien royalty. Other cast members include Douglas Booth, Sean Bean and Tuppence Middleton.

The Story
Jupiter Jones is your average girl who, throughout her life, has witnessed signs that have made her believe that she is bound for greatness. Though in reality, she is living the harsh life of a toilet cleaner, who is going through many bad breaks. Everything is passing by normally until all of a sudden Caine runs into her. He is a genetically modified hunter who has travelled to Earth just for the sake of Jupiter. Then all of a sudden, Jupiter begins to see her fate as she always believed it to be. Due to her unique genetic signature, she is next in line for a key role that may shift the power balance in the entire cosmos.

The plot has several twist and turns, though it can be argued that the storyline could have been made better. The action sequences are amazing, but often found to lack the “exceptional” touch that was expected from the “Wachowskis”. Mila Kunis has done a great performance. There is no doubt that she, alongside Channing Tatum has brought life into an otherwise “average” story. All in all, the movie does possess enough firepower to captivate the audiences of all ages and can provide a good 127 minutes of entertainment.

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