Strange Magic: Creative Fun for the Young Ones

4 years ago by Chris

Fairies, trolls and goblins, what more could a child want to spark the creativity within them? Strange Magic is every child’s favorite flavor of theatrical ice cream. It is a musical with all the hit songs your young child has grown up listening to. Many might find it to be an animated analogy of Moulin Rouge.
Watch this movie with your young ones and have fun singing along to songs by Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. The great part is this tale takes its premise from the Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The musical numbers fit in perfectly and you are in for a merry treat.

The Tale
This is a story is about Marianne who is to wed “a full of himself” character, Roland, who is more interested in building an army. Roland changes Marianne’s perception by breaking her heart on the day of their wedding. On the other side of the tale is Bog, King of the Dark Forest, who wants to end the love with his mission of eliminating all the primroses that are the main ingredient of the Love Potion.

When Roland wins back Marianne’s heart, he attempts to gain the Love Potion which requires him to embark into the Dark Forest with Sunny his. “partner in crime”. When the Bog King hears of this, he kidnaps Dawn and only allows for Dawn’s release on the condition that the Love Portion is given to him.
o Do they rescue Dawn?
o How do they go about it?
o Where does the adventure for love take Bog and Marianne?
o Does love conquer all?

You will have to watch the move to find out. Believe me, your children will enjoy every minute of this tale that will inspire hope, love and happiness.

As a Lucas Films production, George Lucas indulges his abilities in scriptwriting along with a little help from Industrial Light & Magic. Marius De Vries, who has the accredited Moulin Rouge under his belt, is the music producer who fills all the melodies with perfection in timing.

Image credit: Disney/ Strange Magic film

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