Duck Dynasty Season Finale – “Sweet Home Louisiana”

4 years ago by Ashley Thompson

Last night was the Duck Dynasty season finale. “Did you see a light?” asks Phil. “No,” Jep says. “I think you may have a problem,” Phil replies. Jep Robertson was recently diagnosed with meningitis and encephalitis that caused debilitating seizures. Several seizures that were so intense that he woke up in the hospital four days later, and was hospitalized several more days. Even though they weren’t sure of the severity of his illnesses, this episode isn’t about how scary his situation was, it’s about how his family rallied around him.

Jep and his wife, Jessica, and their four children are in the process of moving to Willie’s neighborhood. Since Jessica gutted the dwelling and it had to be renovated there’s so much left to do. With Jep still recovering, it is up to the family to help. While the ladies are at the house decorating, Willie (volunteered by Korie) along with Phil and the beardless brother are off to Jep’s storage unit(s) to get the meat smoker. Nothing says ‘gimme meat’ like being in the hospital without real food for 10 days. Watch out for the box labeled “Jep’s Toys” (notice it didn’t say “kids toys”). Phil immediately proclaims that storage units are for drug dealers. Where else would you keep your “dope”? Maybe in your “toy” box, Phil.

In order to make the house a home Jase, Uncle Si and Martin are off to get the big screen Jessica previously opposed, as well as a housewarming gift. Apparently all you need to do to get your way is get sick. But hey, a man needs his video games and you can’t do that with a measly little boob tube. As far as the housewarming gift? What better than a t-shirt gun from an auction? For future reference, don’t take Si to an auction… like that needs to be said.

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