Sex and the City Movie 3? Is it True?

4 years ago by admin

In an exclusive interview with E!, Kristin Davis, the actress who plays the role of Charlott York-Goldenblatt, is in for a third Sex and the City movie. “We want to do it!,” she says.

Back in October, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis started the rumor that there was another movie in the making and got us all excited. Well, “”I think we’d all like to do it again,” Kristin Davis told E! last night at Vanity Fair and Barneys New York’s Oxfam dinner at Chateau Marmont. Davis added, “Every once and while something comes over us…I can’t explain it. We get nostalgic. We start tweeting each other crazy things and then all of a sudden people are talking about it and we’re like, ‘Uh-oh.'”

Well, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King need to rally the troops and get this show rolling! The first Sex and the City movie was released in May 2008, and then the sequel, Sex and the City 2 was released two years later in May 2010. The second film did not receive the rave reviews as the first did, but not five years have passed and I don’t think Sex and the City fans are ready to let it go yet. It’s time for a Sex and the City 3 movie. We’re ready, too, Kristin Davis!

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