“the Loft”: Murder Suspects of Sexual Encounters of the Sinful Kind

4 years ago by Chris

“The Loft” is a murder mystery. It is the official remake of a Belgian movie, with the same title. The two main men behind the original movie, director Erik Van Looy and actor Matthias Schoenaerts, reprise their parts. The main cast features Eric Stonestreet, Wentworth Miller, James Marsden and Karl Urban.

These characters play the role of 5 married men who decide to get a loft where they can indulge in extramarital affairs with provocative women. However, one day they discover the dead body of a woman in the apartment and no one accepts being the killer. Together, all 5 men go on to try to figure which one of them is the murderer. Many flashbacks of police interrogation to discover the murderer among the 5 characters are shown.

An architect (Vincent Stevens) comes up with the idea to rent the loft out for indulging in infidelity. His “partners in crime” are the characters “Chris Vanowen” the psychiatrist along with his drug abusing half brother “Philip”, an alcoholic “Marty” and a reserved “Luke”. Each indulges in extramarital affairs with a range of women, from high-class escorts to other kinds of sexually appealing women who enchant them with their wild acts.

The film has various surprises in its plot as the story takes many twists in an attempt to discover which of the 5 men is the real killer. This movie seems like an erotic thriller of the likes made in the 1980s like “Fatal Attraction” or the 90’s release “Basic Instinct”. This is the kind of movie one might enjoy watching late at night on cable.

“The Loft” tells about lusting for other women for secret sexual encounters and the trouble that comes with such hidden sins. The age bracket of younger adults would be more enticed by this erotic murder mystery thriller. However, lovers of serious cinema should stay away. In fact, far away!

Photo credit: The Loft movie

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