Chappie: Robots in the Real World

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As the director that will be filming the upcoming “Alien” movie Neill Blomkamp’s latest release “Chappie” has its highs and lows. It’s a combination of the “thug life” with robotic based science fiction.

Deon, the main character creates the technology to give robots a conscious. There is sub-plot of the three petty thieves that commit a heist to pay off their debts and kidnap Deon. A colleague off Deon’s is also attempting to convince their supervisor to let his robots be law enforcers.

Rather than feeling like an action packed entertainer “Chappie” turns out to be more of conceptual movie about robots thriving in a human society. Then the movie attempts to prove the idea of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” ideology.

Chappie also experiments with idea of robots developing human emotions while also pointing out that robots can be switched off.
The movie attempts to portray a robot being taught the African “Gangsta” stylized media portrayed culture. Chappie is an entertainer as it does not try to touch upon and societal inequalities or nor oes ot portray the problems faced by a given community.

The movie communicates certain main stream commercial humor. However, the production aspect of Chappie provides a creative amount of believability, which entices you to watch on. Chappie begins with a bang and grabbing your attention at first while also having a hardcore action finale.

Chappie promotes a concept of enhancing robotic technologies in order to allow them to be able adapt to human interaction in manner that would be more sociable. However, certain stereotypes portrayed as part of the premise resulted in movie being more of a mainstream entertainer taking the ideas of robots being part of a society. It promotes two extremes; one of a robot taking on the “thug life” and being cool, the other about robots regulating a society and the negative aspects of their being emotion less.

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