The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: More of the Same

4 years ago by Chris

Halfway through the “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” Judi Dench and Maggie Smith have a conversation about customs and traditions of an Indian engagement party. Dench’s character is unsure about taking on a profession that would require her to travel. She in her heart does not want to be away from Douglas.

I have great respect for the “The Best Marigold Hotel” and its sequel. There is great humor in observing elderly individuals in culture they are unfamiliar with. They are adapting in a manner in which they stand out.

All the characters from the first installments come to India to live off their savings, but in the sequel they do find jobs to keep them busy. Muriel works in the hotel, Evelyn gets into textiles and Carol works at a travel agency. Norman manages to find work at a private club and Douglas gives tours of heritage sites in the region.

The hotel although not yet fully completed, is fully booked and Sonny is interested in expansion. Muriel travels to the United States in the beginning of the movie to receive financial support from a retirement fund to help improve the hotel.

Richard Gere comes into the movie as a first time author looking for inspiration to write his novel. However, Sonny is suspicious that he might be an inspector sent to evaluate the hotel. Sonny has other concerns as his love interest is being pursued by who he believes to be his rival.

Many of the earlier plots are repeated in the sequel. The social interconnections between the characters are highlighted, but are not focused or centralized. The movie has more of a soap opera-ish feel that revolves around the growing love between Evelyn and Douglas. There are multiple stories taking place in this feature.

The movie has plenty of humor. The characters represented have likable value to them. Sonny is invested in his venture being successful; however, he makes time to take attendance of the guests to ensure no one has passed away. There are cute aspects to the movie yet some themes seem as they are expected.

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