Road Hard Movie Review: (Dark Humor? not So Funny)

4 years ago by Chris

This is a dark comedy, which is a part autobiographical story about a standup comedian Adam Carolla in which he uses his own personal experiences in the industry. Written by Kevin Hench and Carolla the story provides the nuts and bolts of the show business and takes advantage of providing a very authentic depiction. Fans of the standup comedy will definitely enjoy the movie.
If one knows Carolla’s background of co-hosting The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel they will enjoy the movies reminiscent aspect. In the Road Hard movie the character Bruce Masden is a former co-host of the “Bro Show”. His former co-host Jack becomes a popular late night talk show host while Bruce is broke. He lives in his ex wife’s home’s garage who has married a wealthy dream catcher jewelry entrepreneur. Bruce has to go on the road and work as a standup comedian.

Bruce still has ambitions of regaining his television fame. He has financial concerns as his ex-wife wants their daughter to attend an expensive university. The most entertaining character is Baby Doll Bruce’s promiscuous wig wearing agent who is adamant on getting Bruce a good TV deal. Bruce realizes that he is suffering from hard times due to his own faults and is still bitter about it.
Bruce asks Jack for help who lands him a Job as a warm up comic, but an altercation with audience members ruins the opportunity. The up side is that Bruce meets a very witty widow Sarah. However, it’s a short term relationship as they belong to different regions. The movie requires one to question if they will have a long term relationship or not.

Production quality is proven in the details. However, the struggles faced by Bruce in dealing with airlines and hotel staff are not humorous enough. There is a level of offensive humor that could be considered blasphemous. There is a very entertaining scene in which Bruce auditions for America’s Got Talent Judge Howie Mandel for some corny reality themed competitive show.

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