Dancing With the Stars Fiery Latin Night

4 years ago by Ashley Thompson

Dancing With the Stars Latin Night is upon us and it’s a little more awkward than sexy for some couples. But this season has some high scorers even this early in the competition, so it’s anyone’s game. The couples in order from the top are:

Riker and Allison – Salsa – 34
Nastia and Derek – Samba – 34
Rumer and Val – Salsa – 33
Willow and mark – Paso Doble – 32
Noah and Sharna – Argentine Tango – 30
Robert and Kym – Rumba – 29
Chris and Witney – Argentine Tango – 28
Suzanne and Tony – Samba – 25
Michael and Peta – Salsa – 24
Patti and Artem – Cha Cha – 22
Charlotte and Keo – Rumba – 22

Chris and Witney not shockingly are in the bottom three couples because of his disastrous performance last week. But he has redeemed himself this week and the farmer will return for another dance. Joining them in the bottom are Noah and Sharna. While his girlfriend’s surprising return is what may have saved him last week, his impressive lifts without his limbs are what will save him this week. During rehearsals he was obviously frustrated with the attempt at using a prosthetic arm but after ditching it and the original routine, Noah proved himself once again. The other couple in the bottom this week after the performances was Charlotte and Keo. As we watched them in rehearsals it was obvious that Charlotte wasn’t as engaged in the practices as her partner would like her to be. While her excuses of work commitments may be true, the same could be said of any or all of the other contestants. Bruno’s comment about her not winning a Nobel prize for physics didn’t seem to bother her but…


…being eliminated seemed to be more of a heartbreak. It’s not a shock to see her go but even the judges believed she had potential.

Photo credit: ABC

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