Merchants of Doubt (Global Warming the Impending Doom)

4 years ago by Chris

Documentaries on global warming have been done before. This is the first time Robert Kenner who directed Food, Inc. attempted to showcase the evidence supporting the dangers of climate change. He attempts to provide a negative point of view on corporations and their elaborate lies justifying their cause.

This movie sheds light on a new perspective while remaining entertaining. The introduction of the film starts out at Magic Castle in Los Angles. This is an analogy attempted to show how the art of deceiving and tricking by entertainers is also present in lies relayed by big corporations.

Later on the documentary discusses “Big Tobacco” and their historic acts of minimizing communication of the hazards of smoking. The documentary also shows proof of the government’s awareness relating to environmental pollution that could be upon us in the future.

As this documentary is based on a book by Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes, it provides proof through surveys conducted to where scientists stand on the subject of Global Warming. The survey concluded that all the scientists believe that humans are responsible for the climate change issues.

The movie also provides the perspective of those that disagree with dangers of climate change. However, they are mostly physicists that are in their retirement age. The “Merchant of Doubt” shows how this minority has convinced the masses to ignore the problem of “Global Warming”.

A few more interviews show those that refuted Global Warming concerns and later on found them to be credible. This included Republican Congressman Bob Inglis and magazine editor Michael Shermer.

The movie concludes with idea that regardless of the amount of proof of the future risks, there can be little hope in correcting all the wrongs we have committed to damaging the environment. The normal person remains skeptical in their approach to dealing with climate change. They show how the world ignores the steps they need to take today to save tomorrow.

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