Recap: Disney Night on Dancing With the Stars

4 years ago by Ashley Thompson

Although it is Disney night, not all is magical in the Dancing With The Stars kingdom. The contestants are feeling the pressure and some are even turning into villains. Ok, Rumor isn’t quite acting like a villain just dancing like one… as Ursula in The Little Mermaid. She’s also back on top of the leaderboard again this week. Right below her, per usual, are Riker and Allison (dancing to Pirate of the Caribbean) and Nastia and Derek (dancing to Frozen). Not too far behind is the youngest contestant, Willow, and her partner Mark foxtrotting their way down the rabbit hole to Alice In Wonderland.

Noah can’t seem to get past that he has a prosthetic leg and it looks different than a dancers’ leg. His partner Sharna isn’t letting him go there, instead getting him on that magic carpet as Aladin. Patti, aka Pinocchio, is still suffering from a knee injury but if the viewers vote she may stick around for a while, but she is in the bottom three this week. Someone who may not stick around is Chris. He’s not being very patient with his teacher, Witney, so unless he starts dancing better his attitude needs to change. You’re not Hercules in real life, mister. While Robert and Kym may be at the bottom this week, one thing is for certain… this Mary Poppins duo is definitely a real life couple.

Rumer and Val – Samba – 39
Riker and Allison – Paso Doble – 38
Nastia and Derek – Jazz- 38
Willow and Mark – Foxtrot – 34
Noah and Sharna – Foxtrot – 28
Suzanne and Tony – Jazz – 28
Patti and Artem – Waltz- 27
Chris and Witney – Quickstep – 27
Robert and Kym – Quickstep – 24

Someone has to go, though. During this week’s rehearsals Suzanne expressed wishes to quit the show. Her partner convinced her to stay for the Lady and the Tramp performance but it was too late. After having low judges scores last week and low votes, Suzanne and Tony are going home.

Photo credit: ABC

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