Unfriended – Horror Goes Tech-Savvy

4 years ago by Chris

Horror movies have it rough when it comes to the premise. There are only so many situations where a person would genuinely feel scared and 99% of them have been captured on celluloid in one way or the other. The Unfriended movie is a surprisingly fresh take on the genre, going tech-savvy instead of relying on the age-old chills and thrills. In Unfriended, there is a ghost but for a change it haunts the protagonists through their computer screen. In fact, the entire movie takes place on a computer screen, a fresh approach, but you would know how often an interesting idea gets messed up in the execution.

Thankfully, Unfriended is the exception which proves the rule. There are some bumps along the way but overall the movie offers a smooth, scary and entertaining ride and is well worth the price of the ticket and popcorn. The movie revolves around Blaire (Shelley Henning) where she is video chatting with four of her school friends. It is then revealed that one of their classmates had blown her face off with a gun on video no less and her ghost (apparently) is haunting Blaire online.

From there on, it is a cyber horror show where bodies fall and nearly every popular online forum is referred to. Just to mention a couple, Wikipedia and Facebook. The underlying message of the movie seems to be that even if you have like a million friends on your social media profiles, you are alone. The best part is that the point is not forced upon the viewers, making Unfriended a breezy watch.

To sum it up, this movie has elements of Friday the 13th but the events unfold on the screen of a laptop (a Mac, in case you were wondering). Unfriended is scripted by Nelson Greaves and directed by Leo Gabriadze. The cast features Shelley Henning, Jacob Wysocki and Cal Barnes and is Rated R. If only there are no sequels, Unfriended could well prove to be the cult film of the year.

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