Dancing With the Stars Spring Break and Team Week!

4 years ago by Ashley Thompson

On Dancing With the Stars it’s Spring Break week but no one is taking a vacation. In fact, the stars and their partners are busier than ever outside of Dancing With the Stars plus they are also learning a team routine this week. No one is feeling the pressure more than Nastia and Derek. It doesn’t seem like they ever get the opportunity to rehearse, or rehearse together for that matter. While Rumer was eager to stay on the leader board, Riker was ready to take it while he could. Unfortunately he was in the bottom four this week, but no one truly believed it was his time to go. The leaderboard for Spring Break week:

Riker and Allison – Samba – 37
Nastia and Derek – Tango – 34
Willow and Mark – Salsa – 34
Rumer and Val – Jazz – 32
Chris and Witney – Viennese Waltz – 31
Noah and Sharna – Rumba – 29
Patti and Artem – Quickstep – 29
Robert and Kim – Jive – 28

Team Yolo – 39:
Nastia and Derek
Willow and Mark
Noah and Sharna
Robert and Kym

Team Trouble – 39:
Rumer and Val
Chris and Witney
Patti and Artem
Riker and Allison

The bottom couples this week are: Noah and Sharna, Robert and Kym, Patti and Artem and (surprisingly) Riker and Allison. Noah is strong and a great partner, but the competition is intense this season so unless he does more difficult moves, he may keep finding himself on the bottom. Robert and Kym know their time may be limited on the show, but they’re not limiting their time together outside of the show… it’s a win no matter the outcome. Patti is a party all in one person but unfortunately her scores aren’t high enough to keep her in the competition.


Patti and Artem are eliminated. It’s no real surprise but she will be missed.

Photo credit: ABC

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