5 Actors Whose Movies You Should Never Watch (No Matter How Much Money They Make)

4 years ago by admin

There are actors we enjoy watching, and then there are actors we can’t help watch and criticize at the same time. But then, there are some actors whom we feel just aren’t worth watching. Here is a list of 5 actors whose movies you should never watch, no matter how much money they make, because they are simply unbearable:

1. Ashton Kutcher
This is a list of actors’ right? Why is Ashton on it then? Because he tries pretty hard to make it look like he’s acting. Currently as a replacement for Charlie Sheen on the show “Two and a Half Men”, the ‘actor’ makes it apparent why he’s so hated. Good looks alone won’t help you scale heights Mr. Kutcher.

2. Adam Sandler
Rising on the fame of a few successful comedies, Adam Sandler keeps spewing mindless movies to his fans. His apparent comedy antics seem cliche in most of his movies, and his certain brand of humor has lost taste. No matter how much money his movies garner, you can’t escape the fact that most of them lack the comedic element.

3. Tyler Perry
When actors get paid more millions than they deserve, they can celebrate all they want, but it won’t stop their movies from being considered awful. Even his own peers criticize him for his miserable performances, and he has a pitiful fan following outside his home country.

4. Nicolas Cage
The once considered great actor has had too many flops to stay in the A-list. His career seems to have taken an embarrassing turn, and had it not been for his dismal performance and below average movies, he wouldn’t even have been on this list. What is worst is the fact that he is now considered the ‘King of flops’ in Hollywood. Keep your distance and save money.

5. Katherine Heigl
Everything that followed after ‘Knocked Up’ for Katherine Heigl went downhill. Not only was she criticized for her performances in her next few outings by the critics, but she was unanimously disliked by audiences as well. She needs to go back to her roots and work in the TV industry and spare us all the trouble of wasting our time and money on her pathetic efforts.

So, these are 5 actors whose movies you should never watch regardless of how much money they make.

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