Pitch Perfect 2: the Bellas Are Back

4 years ago by Chris

Pitch Perfect 2 marks the debut of Elizabeth Banks’ directorial career and follows the success of Pitch Perfect from 2012. Elizabeth Banks starred in and coproduced the first movie, but takes the reins of the sequel and stars in it as well. Pitch Perfect in itself was an altogether funny musical comedy, with loads of songs and dance performances. The sequel, however, has less of musical sing song sequences and more wisecracks and romantic subplots to keep you on the edge of your seat. However, the question remains: does the sequel live up to the original hit?

Anna Kendrick is back as well for the sequel with her sharp-tongued performance with Rebel Wilson and her outrageous character to light up the screen. With Hailee Steinfeld joining the cast as Emily, the trio of Kendrick, Wilson and Steinfeld are the main attractions of the movie. Their acapella sequences are especially worth a watch, choreographed ever so perfectly by Akomon Jones.

The movie starts off with an embarrassing performance by the Bellas with Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) ending up exposing her private parts accidentally to the US President. The Barden Bellas have been disgraced beyond repair and banned from any domestic competitions.

However, the Bellas want to redeem their image by competing and winning the World Championship, something Americans have never achieved. As the girls are finally in their senior year, they decide to leave behind the safety and comfort of the Barden University. Anna Kendrick’s character Beca believes they should start performing on self-created music and stop using other people’s work. All these decisions and realizations take the girls on a raucous journey with their eyes set on the World Championship, with lots of gags and comedic elements laced throughout the movie.

The movie may be riding the success of the original hit, but with cameo appearances and somewhat unpredictable plotlines, the fans of the movie are surely going to love the sequel as well. Even the song selection might surprise most people and with the accompanying choreographed sequences, Pitch Perfect 2 is well worth a watch.

Photo: Pitch Perfect movie/Facebook

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