The D-Train: a Reunion With a Twist

4 years ago by Chris

Jack Black is back on the big screen. This time he brings about his brand of comedy with a twist. The D-Train is not your usual Jack Black comedy where you laugh your heads off at his antics. Instead, it’s full of dark humor that may actually make you feel bad for the cast.

Jack Black stars as Dan Landsman in The D-Train, a person who has never been popular or cool since his high school days. However, he plans on ending his dry streak of unpopularity by convincing the most popular guy from his high school, Oliver Lawless, played flawlessly by James Marsden, who seems to have grown in popularity and fame following his school days by joining the high school reunion. Landsman seeks to change his image by persuading Lawless to join the reunion, but he has to concoct a series of lies and fabricated stories to do so.

The story picks up from there, and Dan’s desperation to remove the tag of ‘uncool’ lands him in unexpected water, and he ends up getting more than he bargained for. The movie follows a series of laughable trails as Dan starts by lying about a lucrative deal awaiting them and his boss ends up going with him as well.

Dan’s boss, Bill Shurmur (Jeffrey Tambor) is another character in the movie that will make you chuckle at his antiquated ways. Bill likes to meet his potential clients and partners therefore, Dan has to have a person meet his boss or risk getting fired. The comedy that follows is worth a watch and revealing the entire plot won’t do justice to the people who haven’t watched the movie yet. However, if you are expecting everything to go the way Dan has planned, you are in for a surprise.

Trying their hands at a joint directorial debut, the duo of Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul has done a wonderful job of making a dark comedy. The plot unravels with twists and farce, and Dan’s character will leave you wanting to like him and hate him at the same time.

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