Entourage: Fame Is More Fun With Your Friends

3 years ago by Chris

The Entourage movie is finally here. It’s been four years since the show ended and the speculation about a movie spinoff was going on even when the last season was on air. It has taken a lot of time to bring it to the bring screen. So, does Entourage the movie work or does it disappoint fans?

Story Arc
Entourage kicks off with Vincent Chase canceling his marriage after just nine days, while his agent Ari Gold has come out of retirement and is back in Los Angeles with a movie project in mind for Vince, who counteroffers to direct it too. The movie fast forwards seven months later to when Vince and E have gone overboard with the movie budget, compelling Ari to request for financial support from Texan billionaire Larsen McCredle.

Larsen agrees on the condition that his son accompanies Ari to Hollywood. His son has ideas about the movie’s ending as Ari is torn between business and friendship. E attempts to fix his strained relationship with his ex-girlfriend Sloane (pregnant with E’s child).

Cast & Cameos
The movie retains the cast from the series, and it is no surprise that the standout performer here too is Jeremy Piven, who won 3 Emmys for his work on the TV series. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara reprise their roles and perform with credibility while Emmanuelle Chriqui looks radiant as ever. The star appeal of the movie is boosted by numerous cameos, including producer Mark Wahlberg and movie stars Armie Hammer, Jessica Alba and Liam Neeson.

Does It Work?
Entourage was known for its Hollywood glamour, shiny cars, guest appearances, and sexy women, the ingredients on which the TV series capitalized for eight seasons. The weakness lies in the thin story arc. Scriptwise, it fails to make an impression and avoids character development/ plot development.

Thankfully, the Entourage movie is a short, but forgettable fun ride as compared to Sex and the City 2 and diehard fans of the TV show will certainly cherish some moments. It is highly recommended only if you loved the series.

Photo: Facebook/ Entourage the movie

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