Inside Out: Pixar’s Return to Form

3 years ago by Chris

Inside Out is one of the most special movies which is truly a gift to the audience by Pixar. Usually, such movies are made by indie studios and don’t get the popularity they deserve, but this is definitely not the case with Inside Out. This new film based on the theme of the emotional composition of a young girl has succeeded in entertaining viewers of all ages, from kids to adults. The film focuses on the voices inside the head and beautifully portrays the conflict and variance between the emotions and all that goes inside but often remains suppressed in our minds.

The film has not only anthropomorphized the emotion, but it has taken the actualization of this emotion to a whole new level, where emotions live with conflict and adventure. Like all other movies from Pixar, Inside Out has mesmerized the adult audience more than the little ones as these ideas become more prominent and relatable as your grow up.

Directed by Pete Docter, Inside Out tackles real life issues in tender ways with subtle messages that touches your soul. Just like Up, it successfully manages to tackle the provoking theme in the simplest form. It will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the legacy of Docter who has previously worked on projects like Monsters Inc., Wall-E, and Toy Story. Inside Out comes as a step forward and it also shows how the master animator and director is doing his best to up his game further in the animation industry.

It is the story of a young girl and her parents, who are moving to a new town. The story sheds light on lifelong friendship, struggles of growing up and the growing void of carefree joy that once used to be a part of childhood but as time passes and circumstances change, life becomes a challenge. The film released on 19th June 2015, and in its first three days earned a whopping $91 million. It’s well received by critics because of its distinguished theme and poignant visualization.

Photo credit: Disney

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