Magic Mike XXL: a Satisfying Boys-Out Pleasure Trip

4 years ago by Chris

Magic Mike, released in 2012, was a risky proposition as it fueled the male objectification norm. However, given its enormous box office success, it is no surprise that a sequel has been made. The movie brings back the cast of the original, minus (obviously) Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey, and adds numerous new faces to the cast, including Elizabeth Banks, Donald Glover, Andie MacDowell and Amber Heard.

Basic Premise
After retiring from his stripping career, Mike and his gang decide to set the Myrtle Beach on fire with their final act.

Magic Mike XXL lacks a linear plot as it’s a road movie with less nudity than its predecessor. The movie opens with a sensational dance number performed solo by Mike. Channing Tatum is an exquisite dancer. Mike can’t believe he still has the moves in him. However, the finale disappoints as the team reunited for the sequel, the intent seems more bodybuilding than dance moves.

The director Steven Soderbergh turned down the opportunity to direct this movie, being on a hiatus from the big screen. However, the movie bears Soderbergh’s mark as he serves as editor, cinematographer, and executive producer. The movie decremented the nudity factor whilst increasing the humor level with dumb stripper conversations and Tatum using his refined comedy skills.

The movie lacks a proper climax. Furthermore, between stripping scenes, Jada Pinkett Smith has been given more screen time, in fact more than was needed. Fans of the original wouldn’t appreciate her presence much since she wasn’t the selling point of the movie in the first place. Amber Heard is a beautiful add-on to the movie, playing a female stripper.

Magic Mike XXL 2015 is an oddly funny trip which delves into its characters beyond their bodies. The movie has good vibes in itself as the focus is all about compassion found in consensual pleasure. It is good for a one-time watch but might fail to replicate the success of the original.

Photo credit: Magic Mike XXL

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