The Overnight – a Sensitive Issue Addressed in a Funny Way

3 years ago by DSouza

In Hollywood, nudity issues have ignited debates about gender discrimination. Even though in an elite setting, it has always been a sign of bravery for women to show their body, but for men, the rules are different, or at least are not the same as for women. It’s true that filmmakers are generally apprehensive about showing male nudity on screen, especially full frontal, as often it’s claimed the film industry is still petrified by the expected reaction. However, The Overnight defies it all and brings you something, which most filmmakers are afraid to show.

The gender discrimination issue is one of the reasons the film is being acclaimed by critics but this is just one aspect that makes it a unique story. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s the most shocking comedy flick you will watch this year. Not only is the theme controversial but the performances are excellent, so it’s easier for the viewers to stay glued to their seats. The story unfolds in an unpredictable manner and highlights the issues that are often not noticed by the film viewing public. The film deals with a sensitive topic in a satirical and ‘pun intended’ manner.

The protagonists of the story are Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, as Alex and Emily, who have moved from Seattle to a neighborhood in Los Angeles, where they are having a hard time making friends. They have a son named RJ who makes a friend, Max, in the park, which gives a chance to his parents to meet another couple in the town. The story then revolves around the two couples, their intimate relationships and the insecurities. It takes a twist that will surely amaze all the viewers and offers a story that can be considered as unique in number of ways.

So, if you want to watch a comedy movie that is more than about ‘laugh out loud’ moments, The Overnight is a great option.

Photo credit: The Overnight movie

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