Shaun the Sheep: a True Masterpiece by Nick Park

3 years ago by Chris

Shaun the Sheep is a beautifully crafted project of the well-known director Nick Park, who is associated with animated hits Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. It is a spin-off of a series of the same name that aired on the Disney Channel.

Shaun the Sheep is aimed at young kids, yet it has all the potential to delight adult viewers as well. The entire movie is dialogue-free and the closest the audience gets to listening spoken words are unclear mutterings, snoring and belching of the farmer, who faces a loss of memory and somehow ends up being a hairdresser in the city. The movie has excellently utilized sound music and elaborative visual gags.

Throughout its plot, even the most obvious of gags such as characters falling to sleep while counting sheep, the constant shaving, knitting and shearing puns will not make you groan. Additionally, two factors about the animation stand out: its amazingly complex events that guide the caravan of the farmer into the city, and a scene where the sheep who have come to his rescue tries to pass themselves off as ordinary people and dine in disguise in an upmarket restaurant.

The movie features an emotional undertow to its storyline, yet the mild irony alongside very British understatement makes sure the animation never drowns itself into vague weepiness. Overall, the credit should go to the director who has done an excellent work with the movie, as well as the animation experts who have delivered a masterpiece worth watching.

Critics have also praised the movie’s cinematography, and have credited Dave Alex Riddett and Charles Copping for their excellent work, which have further contributed towards the movie’s overall positive outlook. The movie has also supported a message of pet adoption via a poor conditioned street mutt that helps the sheep.

So, if you prefer watching a top-quality animation movie with your entire family, Shaun the Sheep is one flick that you should definitely think about watching.

Photo credit: Shaun the Sheep movie

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