Unexpected: an Unexpectedly Decent Indie Flick

3 years ago by Chris

Unexpected is a successful indie film in which a school teacher in downtown Chicago finds out that she is pregnant and so does one of her best students and as the story progresses, an unlikely friendship develops between the two as they overcome the problems caused by their situation.

The Good
Kris Swanberg’s third movie is down to earth and warm, and is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise senseless entertainment infested movie season. It is one of the few movies that tackle serious topics like pregnancy head on and in a mature way.

However, the story never gets dull at any corner as it is livened up by the great performances by the cast and lighthearted humor. The attention to detail in the scenes is quite appreciable. This makes the characters feel realistic and fully developed and makes the story more involving. For the budget involved, the scenes haven been impressively executed and not at any point of the 80-minute movie does the quality look cheap.

The Bad
There is little drama in the film and most of it revolves around the common issue both the teacher and the student faces. The movie might be not be cut for people who prefer things fast paced.

The Ugly
The name can be misleading. At first glance, you might assume this is a disaster pic, the likes of which are usually released during the summer. Why do many movies stereotype white as rich and privileged and black as poor?

Despite the seemingly boring plot focus, the stories are deep and involving, and touch upon many of the issues in modern American society maturely. The movie, overall, is great and definitely worth a watch but do not expect to be on the edge of your seat as the slow paced, relaxed progression of the story is not going to give you any thrill or excitement, but you will enjoy it nonetheless.

Photo credit: Facebook/Unexpected

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