What We Did on Our Holiday: a Moving Family Drama

3 years ago by DSouza

In What We Did On Our Holiday, Abi and Doug go on a family vacation with their kids. The kids divulge intimate details about their family life and parents. The dysfunctional family lives with a haunting secret. It soon becomes clear that for keeping a huge secret from the relatives, their children could possibly break the situation. Andy Hamilton directs the movie with a runtime of 95 minutes.

Doug and Abi are shown as warm and affectionate former parents, currently separately pretending to live a happy married life. However, Abi and Doug have hidden this development from Doug’s dying father. The three children Jess, Mickey, and Lottie, are warned not to divulge the critical situation of their family yet. This creates a quandary for the kids as they wrestle with what-to-say and what-not-to-say and soon enough, the cat is out of the bag.

Doug’s father suffers from cancer, spending his days fishing in seawater. On the other hand, Doug’s brother and his wife are uptight, rich and righteous individuals, leading a prosperous life and raising a decent son, the polar opposite of Doug’s children. Lottie is the serious of the three, wearing spectacles as she takes note of the lies to be told as instructed by her parents.

Jenkin and Hamilton have ensured they fleshed out the desired roles from their respective cast members quite well. Besides terrific humor, there are some emotional and moving scenes as well. A brilliantly filmed scene is where Gordie (Doug’s father) takes the three children for a joyride, thinking he would have fun with kids more in comparison to quarrel-ridden adults at home. The scene is paced well with funny lines written by the directors. Rosamund Pike is charmingly spot-on.

The three children acted brilliantly. Clever dialogues will have the audience in splits. With a beautiful Scottish backdrop as the family spends time at Wester Ross, this movie is a nice lighthearted family movie. The kids’ understanding of the adult world is wonderfully portrayed. The movie is an interesting look at family mechanics and relationships.

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