10,000 Km: Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

3 years ago by Chris

10,000 Km is a well-crafted foray into exploring a couple’s attempts to utilize tech to keep their relationship afloat, 10,000 Km apart. 10,000 Km works well as it blends form and content together. It focuses on the idea of the love-technology angle, which has its pros and cons. It poses some questions, such as how a person can be a friend via a virtual interface.

Basic Premise
Two apartments and two people in love, one in Los Angeles and other in Barcelona, are haunted by their past, present, and future. Is love capable of surviving 10,000 Km?

Story Arc
The movie starts off with a couple in Barcelona (Alex and Sergi) who are involved in an intense lovemaking scene, attempting for a child. She reveals that she’s been offered a position for residency at Los Angeles. It’s a tough question for so many young couple since they have to choose from one of the two:
1. Relationship
2. Professional career

The first cracks have started to appear as Alex comes to realize she withheld the information all this time. Sergi is going for the easy life, taking state exams. Alex, on the other hand, is adventurous and full of life, tired of monotonous Spain routine. She lands in Los Angeles and things remain steady for a while with a few internet tools. The opening and ending scenes are shown as diary records from day 1 to day 16.

The movie outlines the pros and cons of technology. The pros being it can keep two people closer at longer distances but can’t compensate for their physical presence. The cons include long-distance talks get annoying over time, driving both apart from each other. Alex assesses her boyfriend from long distance and dislikes it.

The use of multiple cameras by the director is at times predictable and at other times unpredictable. For instance, Sergi’s face is hidden by photos of Alex on Skype which gives other indications. Moreover, a hand passes over the video of Alex, which further complicates the situation. Is Alex unfaithful? Sergi comes to terms with the fact he has been outranked by his partner with latest tech.

10,000 Km features terrific work by the director Marques-Marcet with respect to storytelling. After the 23-minute long take, the rest of the movie is pretty fragmented. Both actors perform well, remaining constrained until their explosive points. It could be the best foreign film of the year. The movie’s runtime is 99 minutes.

Photo credit: Facebook/10.000 km 

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