Discovery Debuts ‘Shweekend’ Extension of Shark Week!

3 years ago by admin

The most anticipated week in television is being extended, Discovery Channel has announced the first “Shweekend” event, extending from the annual Shark Week on the network. Coming up this Saturday, the Shweekend will feature all-new shark programming and footage beginning August 29-30.

The Shweekend will include more jaw-dropping shark tales (pun intended) and more advanced shark technology.

Below is the SHWEEKEND schedule on Discovery Channel:

Saturday, August 29

MythBusters vs. Jaws – 9pm ET

Shark Alley – 10 pm ET

Sunday, August 30

Air Jaws: Ring of Death – 8 pm ET

Still Alive: Shark Surprise – 9pm ET

Tune in this Shweekend for 2 more days of sharks. Fins up!

Photo credit: Discovery Channel

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