Paper Towns: a Generic YA Movie Good for a One-Time Watch

3 years ago by Chris

Paper Towns is the film adaptation of the famous novel of the same name by writer John Green. The plot revolves around a boy named Quentin and his mysterious neighbor Margo who is said to be in love with mysteries and she one day becomes one herself. After taking Quentin on a nightly adventure around their hometown, she mysteriously vanishes. The only help he and his friends have of finding her are enigmatic clues she left behind. The search quickly becomes a thrilling adventure for the crew. In the end the protagonist must find a deeper meaning to friendship and love to be able to find her.

The Good
The movie is an adaptation of the award winning novel of the same name from the author who wrote The Faults in Our Stars and as such, the story is not a disappointment .Despite the cliched theme, the story can at times be surprisingly deep and involving. The movie manages to be a neat pack of naive comedy-romance and indie fare.

The Bad
Apart from Q, our heroes are annoying and unlikeable. The movie does not offer anything new to the fold and has its share of plot holes. Some characters lack development and simply feel like fodder. Margo does not get her fair share of screen time.

The Ugly
What kind of parents names their kids, Margo and Radar? And speaking of Margo, how did she even break into Q’s house in the first place? Our protagonist, it seems, has a Napoleon Bonaparte inside him as with little or no evidence, he manages to convince his friends to leave everything behind and come with him all the way to the state of New York in a minivan because he “thinks” she is hiding there in a “Paper Town “with the only condition being they return just in time for the prom.

The movie is targeted at mainly at teens and young adults and as such do not expect much adherence to logic. Paper Towns is not brilliant but neither is it mediocre and you are not likely to regret your decision should you choose to watch it.

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