Naked and Afraid Returns Sunday, October 4th

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The Discover Channel’s Emmy nominated and hit survival series, Naked and Afraid, returns on Sunday will all new episodes.

“Each week on NAKED AND AFRAID, a new pair of complete and total strangers – one man and one woman – will find themselves stranded in and exposed to one of the world’s most extreme environments,” from Discovery Channel’s press release.

This season the survivalists will be dropped in locations such as Belize, Thailand, Panama and Nimibia, trying to survive for 21 days with no food, no water, and no clothes. They will encounter various creatures like, elephants, venomous snakes, spiders, skunks, killer bees, and definitely mosquitoes.

Facing a great challenge, the survivalists are stripped down mentally and physically where their decisions are based on their most primitive needs rather than a prize. What’s the prize for surviving 21 days? The pride of surviving 21 days, Naked and Afraid.

Naked and Afraid returns Sunday, October 4th at 10 pm ET on the Discovery Channel.

Photo credit: Facebook/Naked and Afraid

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