‘The Biggest Loser’ Returns on January 4th

3 years ago by admin

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” returns with an all new season January 4th with new host, Bob Harper, a new temptation theme, an updated Biggest Loser gym, and a new modern logo! The cast will include eight contestant teams of 2 in the new show format for “The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation.”

There will be some familiar faces from other Reality TV shows, a former “Celebrity Apprentice,” as well as the original “Survivor” winner, Richard Hatch in the cast this season and compelling stories from each team.

The new “Temptation Nation” theme has things switched up this season with an all format that will focus more on the contestants preparing to live their lives in the real world, with long-term goals of helping the contestants maintain a healthier, new lifestyle. “Players will be spending more time off-campus than in previous seasons, learning to face a variety of temptations head on and navigate the many challenges that can be stumbling blocks to living a healthy lifestyle,” according to NBC’s press release.

Don’t miss “The Biggest Loser” Season 17 premiere with 16 new contestants competing for the $250,000 grand prize on January 4th at 9pm ET on NBC.

Photo credit: Facebook/The Biggest Loser

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