SURVIVOR Season 32 Premieres Tonight!

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32 seasons! Can you believe it? SURVIVOR, the Emmy Award-winning reality competition series returns tonight with a new theme: Brains, Brawn and Beauty. 18 new castaways are divided among the team themes; Team Brains, Team Brawn, and Team Beauty.

Meet the Castaways:

The Brains Tribe

Peter Baggenstos

Aubry Bracco

Joseph Del Campo

Neal Gottlieb

Elisabeth Markham

Debbie Wanner


The Brawn Tribe

Cydney Gillon

Darnell Hamilton

Alecia Holden

Kyle Jason

Jennifer Lanzetti

Scot Pollard


The Beauty Tribe

Michele Fitzgerald

Anna Khait

Nick Maiorano

Caleb Reynolds

Julia Sokolowski

Tai Trang


Don’t miss the season 32 premiere of SURVIVOR tonight airing at 8pm ET on CBS.

Photo: Facebook/Survivor

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