Discovery’s ‘Bering Sea Gold’ Returns March 30th

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The dredgers of Nome, Alaska are back again for the start of another summer mining season in hopes of landing the biggest haul yet in “Bering Sea Gold” history.

The pressure is on these miners and the stakes are higher than ever with new state-of-the-art technology and millions of dollars invested, while these miners gamble their lives.

“This season, no one takes bigger risks than the Pomrenke family. Shawn, aka Mr. Gold, ventures 100 miles to an unproven claim at “The Bluff” while his father sinks the family fortune into a new inland mining operation. Meanwhile, despite owning her own dredge, The Eroica, Emily Riedel has trouble scrounging up a crew. Her former flame Zeke Tenhoff would rather mine for a large corporation than spend one more season on the water with Emily,” according to Discovery’s press release.

Also returning this season on The Reaper, Brad Kelly, Derek McLarty returns on a brand new dredge High Noon, and Vernon Adkison is having trouble finding a ship.

Don’t miss the new season of “Bering Sea Gold” premiering on March 30th at 9pm ET on The Discover Channel.

Photo courtesy: Discovery Channel

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