‘Survivor’ Season 33 Premiere and Evacuation?

2 years ago by admin

Last night, CBS premiered season 33 of “Survivor” and within 48 hours of arrival on the island, the castaways were evacuated from the Fiji island! Upon arrival, the tribes were warned of the tropical storm and building shelter would be crucial to their first night. The millennial tribe failed at this immensely and sat shivering in a cluster under a broken shelter that couldn’t bear the weight. Generation X also struggled in night one, but their shelter proved to be a little more sturdy.

The first morning, the tribes received a message from Host Jeff Probst along with a tarp, advising that the storm was going to get worse. When has a tribe not had to earn a tarp in a reward challenge or something? It must be bad!

Not long after the tarps arrived, Probst arrived on camp, and castaways knew that wasn’t good. The storm had been upgraded to a cyclone and everyone was being evacuated!

Day 3, they arrive back on camp. The Millennials take the first victory in the immunity challenge, leaving Generation X to vote out the first member. It all fell on Rachel in the immunity challenge because of the puzzle, and she was the first castaway eliminated in Season 33 of “Survivor.”

Cast the next episode of “Survivor” on Wednesday at 8 pm ET on CBS.

Photo credit: Facebook/Survivor

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