Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK Returns July 23rd

2 years ago by admin

Discovery Channel’s “SHARK WEEK” is the longest running and most-anticipated summer event on television and continues to give views and extensive insight into the mysterious world of sharks. SHARK WEEK 2017 premieres July 23rd.

Over the years, “Shark Week has built a community of scientists, including Craig O’Connoll, Neil Hammerschlag, and Tristan Gutteridge, who have come on board to share science-based shark stories and exciting shark research from the field,” says Discovery’s press release.

“Whether looking for the largest great white sharks deep in the ocean, or exploring for strange new shark species, Shark Week 2017 will deep dive into the secret lives of sharks, and find better ways to share the oceans we co-inhabit.”

SHARK WEEK premieres on Sunday, July 23rd at 7 pm ET on Discovery.

Photo by: Discovery Channel

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