Longtime ‘Simpsons’ Composer Fired After 27 Years

1 year ago by admin

The Simpsons has fired its longtime composer Alf Clausen, after 27 years of service.

‘The Simpsons” will soon premiere its record breaking 29th season on FOX, but it will be without longtime composer, Alf Clausen, who was fired after 27 years of service.

Clausen has been the FOX animated institution’s sole composer since 1990, starting from Season 2’s “Treehouse of Horror” until the last episode of Season 28.

Clausen was abruptly terminated just weeks before the season 29 premiere, and the only explanation comes from Clausen himself who says he received a call from a Simpsons producer who informed him his services were no longer required, and that the show was seeking an alternative kind of music.

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