‘The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman’ Premieres October 11

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National Geographic’s new series, “The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman” premieres October 11th. From the Producers of the INCREDIBLE Emmy-Nominated hit series “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,” the new series is an ambitious global journey seeking answers to some of the biggest questions in humanity.

“This expansion of the network’s hit franchise once again finds Freeman taking viewers on a global journey to meet with people from different cultures whose lives are shaped in surprising ways by different fundamental forces, this time exploring themes that unite us all,” according to the National Geographic press release. “Why do some people rise to power and others do not? Why do we fall in love — not just with romantic partners but with friends and strangers? How has our need to share beliefs built human culture?” are some of the questions Morgan Freeman seeks to answer and many more.

Morgan Freeman said, “In this time of growing social, racial and cultural divisions, The Story of Us reveals how we are bound together by our common humanity,” in the press release.

In each episode, Freeman travels the world in search of answers and understanding, with one theme or question in mind. The 6 episodes are: The March of Freedom, The Fight for Peace, The Power of Love, Us and Them, The Power of Us, and The Spirit of Rebellion.

The series premiere of “The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman” airs on Wednesday, October 11th at 9 pm ET on National Geographic. The series will premiere globally in early 2018 on National Geographic in 171 countries and 45 languages.

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