‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ Returns January 4

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CNBC’s ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ season three returns with all new episodes on a new night, Thursday, January 4th.

“Six all-new episodes featuring dangerous stunts, top speeds and intense inclines…always guaranteed to be a wild ride! And…he’ll be back with more celebrity guests including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger” says the CNBC press release.

The series is totally entertaining and a please to watch as comedian Jay Leno explores various automotive obsessions. From classic cars to super cars and everything in between, each episode is themed featuring various automobiles and celebrity interviews. “On the January 4th episode, Jay Leno explores the various reasons people may put themselves, and their vehicles, in harm’s way. First, he hangs out with people who like danger just for the thrill, like Travis Pastrana…Next, he meets someone who faces her fears for money: famous stunt driver Debbie Evans,” from the press release.

Check out a sneak peak here and don’t miss the return of “Jay Leno’s Garage” on Thursday, January 4 at 10 pm ET on CNBC.

Photo by: Walker Dalton/CNBC

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