Marcia Clark Had Doubts About O.J. Case

9 months ago by admin

With the premiere of the new A&E series, “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48,” the legal analyst sat down with Us Weekly to reflect on the OJ Simpson trial that gripped America in the 90s.

The trial was over before it started, Clark tells Us, ““It was very clear this was going to be an uphill battle,” adding, “Very quickly, long before we picked a jury, we knew that a conviction was highly unlikely.”

Clark hosts the the new A&E series, “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48,” delving into some of America’s most shocking crimes that have remained unsolved or ended with controversial outcomes including the death of Casey Anthony’s daughter Caylee; the murder of actor Robert Blake’s wife Bonny Lee Bakley; the disappearance of Drew Peterson’s wife Stacy.

“Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48” premieres tomorrow, March 29 at 9 pm ET on A&E.

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