‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ New Season Premieres October 7

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Discovery Channel announced “Alaska the Last Frontier” returns for a brand new season premiering October 7th. Yule Kilchers homestead legacy has survived in the Alaskan wilderness for more than 80 years, yet after enduring severe weather and unexpected setbacks, the Kilcher family explores unfamiliar territory.

“After months of darkness, spring and its brighter days are a welcome change on the homestead. The Kilcher family celebrates the warmer weather by exploring new, remote Alaskan terrains to source different game and learn new homesteading skills. After a long winter, the Kilchers need to restock their meat supply, so Jane and Atz Lee venture to Adak Island in search of caribou while Otto and Eivin head to Red Mountain for fresh game.

The start of the season brings the return of familiar faces to the homestead – Levi, Otto’s oldest son and Eve’s childhood friend, Tela return in hopes of passing their homestead upbringing on to their children. Singer-songwriter Jewel also returns home so her son Kase can learn valuable skills in the wild from his grandfather,” according to the Discovery press release.

In the upcoming season, we’ll see if the Kilchers thrive in the Alaskan wilderness, or if the setbacks hurt the homestead legacy. Don’t miss the all new season of “Alaska the Last Frontier” premiering Sunday, October 7th at 9 pm ET on the Discovery Channel.

Photo: Discovery Channel

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