New Discovery Series ‘Border Live’ Premieres December 5

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Discovery announced it will be going live at the US-Mexico border with the new series “Border Live” premiering December 5th.  The six-part series “will document the work of law enforcement on the U.S.-Mexico border as well as the real lives, real moments and real stories of those that live and work along its remote stretches,” says the Discovery press release.

Bill Wier, who serves as an anchor and special correspondent for CNN, will host the series live from its studio in New York, while the crew and investigative journalist, Lilia Luciano will be in field with law enforcement, real people and real stories at the border in Nogales, Arizona.

“The US-Mexico border has been the focus of our national dialogue over the last several years. Our goal with this project is to shine a light on epic stories through immersive experiences, and we will turn that lens on one of the biggest and most important stories of our time,” said Nancy Daniels, Chief Brand Officer, Discovery & Factual.

All of the action will be live when “Border Live” premieres Wednesday, December 5 at 9pm ET on the Discovery Channel.

Photo credit: Discovery

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