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‘Brexit’ Starring Benedict Cumberbatch Debuts January 19

Documentary, Movies, TV - 1 month ago by admin

HBO announced the HBO Film “Brexit” starring Benedict Cumberbatch debuts January 19th. Cumberbatch stars as Dominic Cummings, who spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign. “The result of the Brexit referendum in summer 2016 caused a political earthquake that laid waste to the normally stable British establishment and sent political tremors around the world,” says read more

Stray Dog: a Heart Wrenching Documentary

Documentary, Movies - 3 years ago by DSouza

Debra Granik forays into documentary making with Stray Dog, focusing on the protagonist in his daily routine. The movie begins as an ellipsis and ends like one too. The movie has a runtime of 98 minutes. The director met a Vietnam veteran during the shooting of Winter’s Bone where he read more

Cartel Land: a Violent Documentary

Documentary, Movies - 4 years ago by Chris

Cartel Land starts with some misdirection. The movie interview candidates are real-life members of cartels manufacturing crystal meth. The director of Cartel Land, Matthew Heineman is gifted with a terrific eye, judging from his detailed documentary about Mexican and American vigilante groups, it’s clear he packs nerves and guts of read more

Amy: a Tragic Documentary

Documentary, Movies - 4 years ago by Chris

Asif Kapadia’s Amy, documentary on the deceased singer Amy Winehouse, was featured at this year’s at Cannes Film Festival. It is an intense take on her life, bringing her back to the screen. Basic Premise The titular documentary about Amy Winehouse in her own words features real footage and unreleased read more

Merchants of Doubt (Global Warming the Impending Doom)

Documentary, Movies - 4 years ago by Chris

Documentaries on global warming have been done before. This is the first time Robert Kenner who directed Food, Inc. attempted to showcase the evidence supporting the dangers of climate change. He attempts to provide a negative point of view on corporations and their elaborate lies justifying their cause. This movie read more

Spike Lee Recalls Reaction to Death of Michael Jackson

Documentary, Pop - 6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Director Spike Lee recalled his reaction to the death of Michael Jackson during a Bad 25 press conference with reporters while promoting his new documentary about the late King of Pop’s Bad” album. For Bad 25, director Spike Lee assembled a variety of musical heavyweights and industry pros to reflect read more